English C1 CAE

Open Cloze - (C1) Advanced Certificate of English

For questions 1-8, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each gap. Use only one word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Letter of complaint

Dear Manager, I am writing to complain (0) ABOUT our recent holiday, which we booked through your company a the beginning of February. My friend and I feel that the advertising of this holiday was misleading, the organisation poor and the cost (1) ............ high. If we had known what it was really going to be like, we definitely (2) ............ not have chosen it. Right from check-in at the airport, which was supposed to be at 5.45 in the morning , things started to (3) ............ wrong. Your staff there, which appeared to be half asleep, said they had (4) ............ record of our booking and neither of them seemed interested in finding (5) ............ why. They said we must have been given the wrong tickets and suggest we get in touch with the main office, which of course was closed at that time in the morning. Our holiday would have ended there and then if the supervisor had not appeared by chance and eventually sorted things out. The flight itself, which (6) ............ have taken off at 7.45 but was delayed for almost the whole of the morning, was uncomfortable and the food, when at last it was served, couldn't be eaten. (7) ............ we landed, we found the buses which we had been promised, had long since eft. By the time we reached the hotel , we were already wishing we had stayed at home, but even worse was to come. The hotel, advertised in the brochure as a luxury location, was appalling. The room was tiny and the food, in my opinion , disgusting. There was , in fact, so much wrong with the place, so that we collected evidence in the form of photos, which I enclose. Needless to say, the return flight was also late and took (8) ............ more than six hours behind schedule. I travel very often, and I am not used to such poor service. My friend and I feel there must be no excuse for this and we expect you to offer us a considerable sum of money in compensation . If this is not forthcoming, both of us will take legal action to obtain it. Yours faithfully, Samantha Maitland

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